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Personal Healing

Radionic Table Quantum Healing

  • 1 hour 30 minutes
  • 100 British pounds
  • Distant Healing/PDF

Service Description

Radionic table is an Unlimited Sacred Quantum Healing tool that works with the energy of the Divine in conjunction with a pendulum and sacred geometry. It divinely measures and diagnoses the energy that surrounds all areas of your life by detecting, unblocking and clearing negative energies such as past life karma, fears, traumas and any other energy visible or invisible that disempowers you. At the same time, these changes are occurring, each person is accelerating their process of spiritual development, which means that a greater potential for physical, emotional, and spiritual self-healing will be increased because you are raising your vibration. With a positive vibrational change, dissonant energies are not able to interfere in your life, consequently leaving space to open the path to allow miracles to manifest in your life. It's like a mist swirling upwards when the first rays of the sun rise over the mountain. This magnificent healing speaks for itself and, most importantly, allows you to see and feel the change because the healing of the physical, spiritual, astral, mental and emotional bodies will happen from inside. Don't wait for the sun to stop shining to book your appointment. Do it now! Your Life, Your Choice, Your Decision. Note: This is not a live session. For this healing, you will receive an email with a PDF report. Your full name and date of birth are required. This is the energy that will be placed on the table. Make sure you provide the right information to avoid deflecting the energy. Once the table is done there is no turning back. Although there is nothing you need to do apart from being open and receptive to your healing, I suggest practicing self-awareness and self-acceptance. Allow 7 working days (excluding weekends and bank holidays) for your table to be done and sent. When booking this service you don't need to worry about time zones. Please read the Legal Disclaimer All Sales Are Final

Cancelation Policy

No refund policy. I don't accept returns, exchanges or cancellations. Payments are final.

Contact Details

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