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Don't Quit,You Can Make It

The journey of life is a blessing What lies ahead of you is wonderful, There is always time for anything, Even time to feel sorry for yourself But today is not that day Today is the day to embrace the world The day to accept that even when you are lost There is still space for you to enjoy the ride. There is no wrong or right path, There is a PATH,learn from it. When things are done with love Nothing can go wrong Stand in the light of your own truth And remember you are the Oracle Life is not about how long you stay on the top But how you handle yourself when you are at the bottom Everyday is a brand new day,make it count Get the big picture and create your own reality Fill it with new opportunities because a breakthrough is at hand Don't Quit,you can make it.

#loveyourself #beyourself #beleiveinyourself #haveconfidence #staystrong #always

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